Family Therapy

Even the most loving families can sometimes need professional help. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and the life of a modern teenager is often stressful and challenging.

When a child or adolescent is struggling most of us think of individual therapy first but research indicates that family therapy in many cases is a much more powerful intervention.

Why is this? I see families as medicine. Families should be a soft place to land and a teenager’s go-to place for love, support, comfort, and advice. If families get off track and there is tension or arguments in the home, other stressors in a child or teen’s life will become greatly magnified and potentially can turn into more serious issues. Families are the antidote to this and well-functioning, loving families can act as a powerful buffer to the stressors in the life of a modern teenager.

I am a highly experienced family therapist and I draw from many different family therapy models, including Attachment-Based Family Therapy, Multidimensional Family Therapy, and Functional Family Therapy.

Teen Counseling

1.  Are you having problems with your teen?
2.  Is there an issue with drugs and alcohol?
3.  Have school grades dropped?  Is your child cutting?
4.  Have they threatened suicide in the heat of anger?
5.  Is your teen angry all the time?
6.  Have they completed a Partial Hospitalization Program and IOP ( Intensive Outpatient program)?
7.  Are you looking for follow-up care in the form of individual therapy?
8.  Are you simply looking for help?

If you have answered a resounding “YES” to any or all of the above questions, your family is in need of assistance from a qualified therapist.
I have more than 10 years experience working with adolescents as a Special Education Teacher and a Therapist.  I enjoy working with adolescents and they respond well to me. Given the opportunity, teens will share their hopes, dreams, failures, fears and loneliness.  I also work with the LGBT population without judgment but rather acceptance and support.


I can offer a safe, comfortable atmosphere, where they can discuss their concern about family, peers, life stressors and their dreams for the future or fears of not seeing a future.

Teens often feel misunderstood and parents feel frustrated that they cannot reach them no matter how hard they try.

When your child his hurting all you want to do is stop the pain.  Sometimes as parents we cannot give our children the peace of mind they are looking for when our own lives are in turmoil. Divorce, death, job loss, tragedy all play a part in how we perceive life.  Teens today are more depressed, anxious, & suicidal then ever before.  We need to help our children become the adults we know they can be, given the right opportunity.

I would like to help your teen find hope again and help you, the parent, better communicate with your child to rebuild your family.

1.  Are you tired of arguing with your child?
2.  Are you tired of hurting because your child is hurting?
3.  Are you ready for change?

If you are ready to love your child again and reduce the parental guilt associated with children who are struggling with life stressors, call me or click on the “contact me” tab and I will call you to discuss your options.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping change your life for the better.